Agatha is a Poison-type specialist. She is the third member of the Kanto Elite Four.

Pokémon Used

As Kanto Elite Four Member

Pokémon Type Level Moves
Pokemon Gengar Gengar Ghost / Poison 54 Shadow Ball Giga Drain Confuse Ray Dark Pulse
Pokemon Golbat Golbat Poison / Flying 54 Air Slash Wing Attack Bite Lock On
Pokemon Arbok Arbok Poison 54 Poison Jab Crunch Ice Fang (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Haunter Haunter Ghost / Poison 53 Sludge Bomb Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Sucker Punch
Pokemon Gengar Gengar Ghost / Poison 58 Shadow Ball Giga Drain Confuse Ray (Unconfirmed)

This E4 is a tough one. Do not bring any Normal or Fighting types. Do not bring any grass or fairy types. Rock types may be of use. Dark types will be of a lot of help. Psychic types will be of help only if you don't use them against Haunter or Gengar. It is recommended that all of your pokemon are at least lvl 60 before battling here.

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