Hi I'm jonathan my IGN was "showmeyourbobsandvagenne" And i've got banned today!.

Reason : Innapropriate (Ussername)

tbh, idk bout the rules in-game cause my friends recommend me to play the game with them, but awhile ago when i open up my account this is what i saw.

☀Sorry ShowMeYourBobsAndVagenne, you are banned from using this forum! Inappropriate username - make a new account
This ban is not set to expire. If you believe you have been banned in error, please send an email to with as much information as you can.)

And i decide to go see my friends coz we're all neighbours then i asked my friends about my banned account, then they say you've got banned becoz of you had innapropriate name they say, becoz that was the in game included rules.

So that's why im appealing now coz my friends are included too haha! they can't even play becoz of me and that was my conscience too, since it was an IP Banned, My bad! Btw! Im REALLY! REALLY! SORRY ABOUT MY IGN, i hope that we may able to play this game with my friends once again sooner! THANK YOU AND IM SO SORRY!.

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