Blaine is a Fire-type specialist. He is the leader of Cinnabar Gym, being the fifth, sixth or seventh gym leader a player can face.

Beating Blaine at Cinnabar Gym will award the Volcano Badge, which allows the player to challenge the Viridian Gym.

Pokémon Used

As Cinnabar Gym Leader

Pokémon Level Moves
Pokemon GrowlitheGrowlithe 42 Heat Wave Flamethrower Crunch Retaliate
Pokemon PonytaPonyta 40 Inferno Take Down Fire Spin Agility
Pokemon MagmarMagmar 43 Lava Plume Fire Punch Confuse Ray Sunny Day
Pokemon RapidashRapidash 42 Fire Blast Inferno Fury Attack Agility
Pokemon NinetailsNinetales 46 Flamethrower Quick Attack Confuse Ray Safeguard
Pokemon ArcanineArcanine 47 Extreme Speed Fire Fang Roar Odor Sleuth

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