Bruno is a Fighting-type specialist. He is the second member of the Kanto Elite Four and the third member of the Johto Elite Four.

Pokémon Used

As Kanto Elite Four Member

Pokémon Type Level Moves
Pokemon Onix Onix Rock/Ground 51 Stone Edge Iron Tail Dragon Breath Screech
Pokemon Onix Onix Rock/Ground 54 Earthquake Stone Edge Screech (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Fighting 53 Close Combat Ice Punch Thunder Punch Counter
Pokemon Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Fighting 53 High Jump Kick Blaze Kick Stone Edge Bulk Up
Pokemon Machamp Machamp Fighting 56 Earthquake Cross Chop Poison Jab Scary Face

Water types should be of help in this gym, as will Ghost types, as Fighting type moves don't affect Ghost types. A ground type should also help. Fairy or psychic types should also be useful. Just don't use a water type against Hitmonchan. 2 Water types, a Ghost type, a psychic/fairy type, and a couple of ground types at lvl 50-60 should crush Bruno.

As Johto Elite Four Member





Pokemon Poliwrath-0
Water/Fighting 74 Surf Hypnosis (Unconfirmed) (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Machamp
Fighting 75 Rock Tomb (Unconfirmed) Unconfirmed (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Primeape
Fighting 76 Acrobatics Earthquake Overheat (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Hariyama
Fighting 77 (Unconfirmed) (Unconfirmed) (Unconfirmed) (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Infernape
Fire/Fighting 78 Flare Blitz Aerial Ace Solar Beam (Unconfirmed)
Pokemon Blaziken
Fire/Fighting 79 Flare Blitz Sand Attack (Unconfirmed) (Unconfirmed)

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