Clair is the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City's Gym, known officially as the Blackthorn Gym. Her specialty is Dragon-type Pokémon, and she gives the Rising Badge to Trainers who defeat her. Her cousin is Lance, the dragon master.

Her team consists of:

Pokémon Type Lv. Move 1

Move 2

Move 3

Move 4

Flygon Dragon/Ground 72 Dragon Claw Hyper Beam Earth Power Headbutt
Kingdra Dragon/Water 73 Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse Dragon Dance Blizzard
Altaria Dragon/Flying 74 Sing Moonblast Dragon Pulse Fury Attack
Dragonite Dragon/Flying 75 Outrage Thunder Punch Dragon Dance Fire


Salamence Dragon/Flying 76 Crunch Flamethrower Stone Edge Unconfirmed
Garchomp Dragon/Ground 77 Dragon Rush Earthquake Slash Crunch

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