Cut is a move that helps to cut those annoying trees blocking certain pathways.

   It can be gotten as an HM by the Captain of the SS Anne.

   1- First you have to reach Cerulean City and win against the Cerulean Gym.

   2-You must head north and battle your way through the nugget bridge trainers. When you reach the top of the bridge, go east until you reach a building. Inside that building, talk to Bill and he will give you the SS Anne Ticket.

   3-Then you should go inside the room with the policeman outside. You are not able to enter this room until you defeat the Cerulean Gym.

   4-You should go out through the hole at the back of this room to go South from Cerulean City into the SS Anne in Vermilion City . There is a sailor outside the ship saying that you can't travel through the SS Anne till you get the fog badge, but ignore him — you are not trying to sail the ship, you are there to find the Captain. Navigate through the ship and find the Captain. Then rub his back (no joke) and he'll give you the HM. Then you have to give it to some Pokémon that can learn Cut, obviously. To do this, you have to double click on the HM cut in your inventory, and clicking on a Pokemon afterwards to teach it cut. After this is done, you can use it by pressing the spacebar in front of the Tree you want to cut.

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