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Super effective against:


Not very effective against:


No effect against:


Pure dragon type Pokemon: Kanto

Dratini (147)[1]

Dragonair (148)[2]

Half dragon Pokemon: Kanto

Dragonite (149)[3]

Pure dragon type Pokemon: Johto

Dratini (147)[4]

Dragonair (148)[5]

Half dragon Pokemon: Johto

Dragonite (149)[6]

Kingdra (230)[7]

Pure dragon Pokemon: Hoenn

Bagon (371)[8]

Shelgon (372)[9]

Half dragon Pokemon: Hoenn

Rayquazza (384)[10]

Latias (380)[11]

Latios (381)[12]

Salamence (373)[13]

Kingdra (230)[14]

Altaria (334)[15]

Flygon (330)[16]

Vibrava (329)[17]


Dratini Evolution (Right to left)Trapinch Evolution (Right to letf)Latios, Latias and Rayquaza (Right to left)Bagon Evolution (Left to right)Swablu evolution (Left to right)Horsea evolution (Left to right)

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