Falkner is a Flying-type specialist. He is the leader of Violet City Gym, being the first gym leader a player can face in the Johto region.

Beating Falkner at Violet City Gym will award the Zephyr Badge.

Pokémon Used

As Violet City Gym Leader

Pokémon Level Moves
Pokemon Pidgeot Pidgeot 60 Air Slash Steel Wing Wing Attack Twister
Pokemon Fearow Fearow 61 U-turn Assurance Drill peck Unconfirmed
Pokemon Xatu Xatu 62 Psychic Shadow Ball Giga Drain Unconfirmed
Pokemon Gligar Gligar 63 X-scissor Aerial Ace Dig Unconfirmed
Pokemon Aerodactyl Aerodactyl 64 Iron Head Crunch Rock Slide Wing Attack
Pokemon Skarmory Skarmory 65 Air Slash Night Slash Sand Attack Unconfirmed

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