Fishing is a Trainer Skill which all players can learn, and allows access to unique Pokémon.

How to Fish

All you need to start fishing is a rod (see below for details on obtaining one). Face a body of water and press the "F"-button on your keyboard.

A bar shows up. What to do?

There will be a "Hook Icon" that's going to move left and right. You will need to press the Space Bar to stop the hook. If the hook lands in the yellow box, you'll hook a Pokémon (see: image #1). If the hook lands on the tiny green box, you'll perfectly hook the Pokémon which will give you more Fishing XP (see: image #2).


What's Fishing XP?

Fishing XP is experience to level up your fishing level to unlock higher level Fishing Rods, and unlocks fishing in new areas.


While fishing, you will gain experience for each Pokémon you hook. As you level up, you will unlock new areas and access to new rods. You can view your current fishing level/experience in the Trainer Card.


Lv 1: Old Rod (Bought from the Fisherman next to Vermillion City PC for $5,000)

Lvl 5: Good Rod (Bought in Fuchsia City for $12,000)

Lvl 20: Super Rod (Bought on Route 12 for $35,000) and Turtle Cove

Lvl 50: Steel Rod (Craft together a Super Rod, Metal Coat and Steel Wire)

Lvl 100: Master Rod (Craft together a Steel Rod and a Master Ball)


Lvl 15: Kanto Safari Zone

Lvl 20: Turtle Cove

Lvl 25: Cerulean Cave

Lvl 30: Toto Cave

Lvl 35: Johto Safari Zone

Lvl 40: Dragons Den

Lvl 45: Altering Cave

Lvl 50: Hoenn Safari Zone

Lvl 55: Ancient Cavern

Lvl 60: Sinnoh Safari Zone

Lvl 80: Ancient Dungeon

Lvl 85: Mossy Cave