Whitney is a Normal-type specialist. She is the leader of Goldenrod City Gym, being the third gym leader a player can face in the Johto region.

Beating Whitney at Goldenrod City Gym will award the Plain Badge.

Her Team consists of

Pokemon Type Lv. Move 1

Move 2

Move 3

Move 4

Wigglytuff Normal Fairy 54 Psychic Charm Flamethrower Hyper Voice
Blissey Normal 55 Hyper Beam Minimize Ice Beam Double-Edge
Girafarig Normal Psychic 56 Psychic Agility Stomp Crunch


Normal 57 Crunch Outrage Dizzy Punch Reversal
Miltank Normal 58 Milk Drink Iron Tail Body Slam Wake up Slap
Slaking Normal 59 Hammer Arm Chip Away Feint Strength.