Pokemon Gyarados
Normal Gyarados

Normal Gyarados

Shiny Gyarados

Shiny Gyarados

Gyarados is a Water/Flying Type Pokemon

Gyarados's base experience yield is 189.

Defeating a wild Gyarados yields 2 Attack EVs.

Abilites: Intimidate, Moxie (Hidden)

Base Stats

HP 95 [xxxxxxxxx]
Attack 125 [xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Defense 79 [xxxxxxxx]
Special Attack 60 [xxxxxx]
Special Defense 100 [xxxxxxxxxx]
Speed 81 [xxxxxxxx]
Total 540 *****


Location Method Level Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Route 22 Fishing Very Rare 0,033% 0,05%
Viridian City Fishing Very Rare 0,033% 0,05%

Moves Learning


1 Thrash NORMAL
20 Bite DARK
23 Dragon Rage DRAGON
26 Leer NORMAL
29 Twister DRAGON
32 Ice Fang ICE
35 Aqua Tail WATER
38 Rain Dance WATER
41 Crunch DARK
41 Hydro Pump WATER
44 Dragon Dance DRAGON
47 Hyper Beam NORMAL


Magikarp --(lv 20)--> Gyarados

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