The Pokemon Lab is on Cinnabar Island run by one Scientist,the Lab was originally founded by Mr.Fugi,the Lab was were Pokemon were re-created from Fossils,the Lab was also the place were Mewtwo had been created(Mewtwo is not obtainable in Pokemon Planet),ever since the Lab was founded it was used to bring back Pokemon that were extinct,using Shards and Fossils to bring back the Pokemon that are extinct(Aerodactyl,Omanyte and Kabuto),this would only be possible if the player has beaten the E4 and the Champion and made their way onto the Hall of Fame with the other Champions,after the player has beaten the Elite 4 the player may proceed into Cerulean Cave and go to F6 and explore for wild Pokemon to kill and have a very slight chance of either Dome Shard,Helix Shard or Amber Shard dropping,the chances of either Shard dropping have not yet been revealed,the Pokemon Lab is still on Cinnabar Island and was introduced in Generation I and Generation III of the Pokemon Series.

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