Kanto Power Plant

Location of Power Plant in the Kanto region

Kanto Power Plant Map

Map of Power Plant

Power Plant is found in Kanto and it can only be accessed by surfing from Route 10. Being filled with debris and mechanical objects, it is home to a few types of Electric Pokémon. Being an abandoned building, no Pokémon trainers reside in here.

Zapdos, the legendary bird can be encountered at a very small chance in this Power Plant if a Feather of Zapdos is held by the alive and leading Pokemon in the party. The Feather of Zapdos can be dropped from any wild Pokémon here or from Route 10 by killing Pokemon with the lead Pokemon being an Electric-Type, whereas a level 85 Zapdos can be found if players are lucky enough (odds of 1 in 200,000) (1 in 160,000 with Enhanced Feather).

 Wild Pokémon

  • Wild Pokémon of Level 15 - 20 are encountered here:
Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Voltorb Voltorb Electric Walking
Pokemon Magnemite Magnemite Electric Steel Walking
Pokemon Magneton Magneton Electric Steel Walking
Pokemon Pikachu Pikachu Electric Walking
Pokemon Electabuzz Electabuzz Electric Walking

Average Experience and EV yield

Note: This section assumes only common and uncommon Pokémon are fainted and that no blessings are active.

Average Experience
Normal Member Gold Member
EV Normal Member Gold Member
Special Attack
Special Defense