Sabrina is a Psychic-type specialist. She is the leader of Saffron Gym, being the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth gym leader a player can face.

Beating Sabrina at Saffron Gym will award the Marsh Badge.

Pokémon Used

As Saffron Gym Leader

Pokémon Level Moves
Pokemon Kadabra Kadabra 38 Psybeam Calm Mind Reflect Telekinesis
Pokemon MrMime Mr-mime 37 Psybeam Substitute Trick Recycle
Pokemon Venomoth Venomoth 38 Signal Beam Psybeam Gust Sleep Powder
Pokemon Hypno Hypno 41 Synchronoise Zen Headbutt Headbutt Psych Up
Pokemon Slowbro Slowbro 43 Zen Headbutt Amnesia Withdraw Slack Off
Pokemon Alakazam Alakazam 43 Psycho Cut Calm Mind Recover Telekinesis

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