• I didn't know i wasn't allowed to use a different account when banned. I just thaught i'd use my other account. I realized i wasn't allowed when pinestar warned me, but then i stopped. Later i just checked to make sure it wasn't extended and it was. I admit my actions were wrong on my account PercyCh1 but i feel that it was unfairly extended. I apologize amy especially for the time I accidently pmed u a filter dodged curse word when i meant to pm my brother who had started logging into my account. Once again amy I apologize for my actions and will think twice b4 I do something stupid. I only ask for my ban not to be extednded. Plus it is a little invasive to be able to extend my ban because i have 2 emails. Realizing the similarities between them and banning me feels invasive in my opinion. I respect the decision of banning me fully I was stupid and my actions were wrong, I only disagree with the extension. Once again sorry! <3

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