• I have brought this topic up in the global chat in game and It was said that the price point to activate the altar has been changed or raised in the past because the activation cost was to low and it was basically being abused.  I also know that there is a pp system in place as well to help compensate for the money donated towards the altar.  I generally play 5 days a week usually 6-7 hours at a time. and there are good stretches including this week where I will go days with out being on during a time when the altar is active.  

    While I think the formula is good it takes entirely to much time to lvl characters.  You are making players get burnt out playing becuase of having to sit around and grind for days even weeks to get enough lvls to get passed gym leaders and the e4.  You need to reduce the price to activate the altar and if needed to balance it reduce the time it is active.  Try different things to see what works best for the general pop.  Say 2mill for 30 mins,ect.  

    It is absolutely ridiculous to try and say that there is enough money in game to activate it often enough so there is no need to reduce the activation cost.   Why is it then I can go days sometimes a week playing at 6-8 hours at a time that I can constantly miss the altar?  I should not have to keep popping on at all times of the day just to be able to try and be on during the altar.  It should be low enough that it can be activated 3-4x a day (every6-8hrs) so that the general player base will get to use it atleast once daily.    

    Before I get blasted by everyone.   I would like to propose that you have the mods/admin take data for a week or more just to write down everytime for that period that the altar gets activated.  Then if the results show that atleast 4 out of 7 days it gets activated only once or less in a 24 hour period you come to the conclusion that it is not getting activated enough.   It should be active no less than twice a day.  It would not kill the game for the altar to be active for an hour or less 2x a day.    

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    • you would be better off suggesting this on the games actual forum since more people use it... plus theres a place for suggestions there..

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