Victory Road

At a certain point in the game, the player must go through 4 different trials. But before the player can face these trials, they must first go through Victory Road. Coming in between the middle of Route 23, this road will take the player to the other side of Route 23.

Wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon of Level 36 - 41 are encountered here:

Wild Pokémon Type Method Rarity              Rate





Pokemon Golbat
Poison Flying Walking Common 90% 99.9%
Pokemon Graveler
Rock Ground Walking Common 85% 99.9%
Pokemon Sandslash
      Ground Walking Rare 0.227% 0.34%
Pokemon Arbok
       Poison Walking Very Rare 0.05% 0.075%
Pokemon Marowak
      Ground Walking Very Rare 0.05% 0.075%
Pokemon Machop
     Fighting Walking Extremely Rare 0.025% 0.05%
Pokemon Onix
Rock Ground Walking Extremely Rare 0.025% 0.05%
Pokemon Machoke
     Fighting Walking Extremely Rare 0.0255 0.05%

Average Experience and EV yield

Note: This section only assumes common Pokemon are fainted and that no blessings are active.


                                             Average Experience
               Normal Member             Gold Member
901.4                                                                   983.2                      
EV  Normal Member Gold Member
HP 0 0
Attack 3.0 5.25
Defense 7.0 7.25
Special Attack 0 0
Special Defense 0 0
Speed 2.0 3.5

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